Skills for the Future
The project creates a European forum for issues relating to entrepreneurship education specific to creative industries and for sharing innovation and best practice in this field. All of the partners involved in the consortium see a need for increased international networking and a combined European approach, which are currently lacking.

The CENTRES project is carried out in Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Slovenia and the UK.

The growing importance of creative industries in Europe, together with the challenges these industries face in developing the appropriate skills in young people and appealing to them as a career opportunity, make it vitally important that these issues are addressed now.


If Europe wants to keep pace in a changing, competitive, and increasingly globalised world and maintain its reputation as a hub for creative industries, countries must work together to find common solutions to these shared problems.
The project provides opportunities for knowledge exchange and policy cooperation across Europe, and as such, delivers real European added value.

The concrete benefits of European cooperation are:

•    Increased opportunities for transnational working and the transfer of knowledge and good practice
•    Knowledge-sharing that leads to innovation and new models informed by international inspiration and different perspectives
•    Easy access throughout Europe to examples of good practice in the field through an online knowledge bank
•    Creation of a network committed to improving policies and practices in this field
What does CENTRES aim to achieve?
The purpose of CENTRES is to address the challenges Europe is facing in the field of creative industries entrepreneurship education.
Its objectives are:
•    To promote models and a methodology that can be used by schools and other organisations providing entrepreneurship education to develop pupils’ creativity and entrepreneurship skills
•    To promote ways in which to engage creative entrepreneurs and businesses productively with schools, as well as engage school-age students in practical business opportunities in creative industries

By sharing ideas and experience across European networks, CENTRES will contribute to increasing the skills development of youth and future employability in Europe.