CENTRES activities

Centres aims to establish the first European multi-sectoral forum for issues relating to entrepreneurship, education specific to creative industries and for sharing innovation and best practice in this field.

Multi-sectoral dialogue between Education, the Creative and Cultural Industries and Government is a necessity. Entrepreneurship as part of educational programmes in schools is required to meet the future needs of Europe.

Centres provides an innovative piloting phase for around 210 schools, which will give the consortium an opportunity to test and further develop models and methodology for entrepreneurship education in order to ensure their transferability to other European countries.
The pilot in Slovenia, for example, aims to draw upon partners’ experience to create a new type of holistic entrepreneurship programme that develops pupils’ skills and competences through a combination of interactive workshops, project work, mentorship and networking.

The network supports innovative pedagogical approaches that bring together creative people, entrepreneurs and pupils to engage in practical learning based on real life situations. This will also directly benefit both pupils and also teachers, who will be able to provide more hands-on learning within the theory of the curriculum.

It is anticipated that the network will expand rapidly.