CENTRES activities Denmark



To raise schools’ awareness of creative and cultural industries and the possibilities for joint projects



To arrange competitions and exhibitions with pupils’ products created in cooperation with skilled artists.


Target group

Pupils from 13-16, teachers and the creative industry.


Educational approach

In the original application we described a plan that included close cooperation with a network of young local creative people. Unfortunately this network does not exist anymore so we have to design a new pilot project. Schools have been invited to join CENTRES projects and we hope that 4-5 schools will accept. The schools will have a large influence on the design of the local projects but production of videos, guide on how to establish contacts with the creative industries, and a local competition will be mandatory in all projects.




Program Content & deliverables

Videos describing the process and the creative industry. Videos will be produced by the pupils.

Guides with best practice and do’s and don’ts

Local exhibition at the schools and online galleries


Duration of the programe

Present school year.



Number of classes and pupils. Both guides and videos will widely spread.
We will perform interviews with representatives of the involved partners.


Innovative approach for the project

Entrepreneurship projects are not new to schools but the focus of CENTRES is. We hope to discover new possibilities and angles with the creative approach.

Art run

How does this pilot fit with the curriculum – how do the pupils benefit?

Art Run gave showed new ways of working with art in schools and also gave new dimensions to the collaboration between schools and cultural institutions. The pupils learned about how art can play an active role in society, creating ideas, planning projects, communication and group work.

 A short summary

Bring art into society” That was the message to two 9 classes from Denmark. The classes worked closely together with an art museum in planning a happing at a local sport and art arrangement.

Age group


Subjects: Danish, Social science, Art, Free project assignment.

Learn more from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z_LEf41dYo.


Contact details

For more information on this pilot please Peter Rasmussen at Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Young Enterprise www.ffe-ye.dk.