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Report on Creative Career Guidance

How does this pilot fit with the curriculum – how do the pupils benefit?

A short summary

In terms of career guidance, creativity and entrepreneurship is understood in a broader social context as a set of important skills for the successful transition to the labour market. With this in mind, the pilot activity in the Czech Republic was focused on the e-learning training of career counsellors in schools. The e-learning programme aimed to introduce the entrepreneurship education with emphasis on career management. 10 career counsellors from Central Bohemian region successfully completed the study of the programme in August 2013. The programme was divided into 3 modules:  Introduction to creativity and entrepreneurship education,   Career guidance in schools as a creative process, Practice firm.

Age group


Subjects: The cross-curricular subject “Man and Work”.

Contact details

For more information on this pilot please contact Jana Vongreyová from National Institute for Education at jana.vongreyova@nuv.cz, www.nuv.cz