CENTRES activities Estonia

Pilot project Proposal by Entrum Foundation, Estonia
Krakow, 20.09.2012



To develop in close partnership with creative businesses and national business support organisations entrepreneurship mindset and practical skills amoung secondary and professional school pupils that meet the needs of the creative industries inEstonia andEurope.



To arrange educational one-year programme as a mixture of “The Apprentice”, “The X-Factor”, TEDx events, one-to-one coaching sessions with creative industries entrepreneurs, as well visits to enterprises.


14-18 year old secondary school and vocational school students, whose big life-choices still lie ahead and whose attitudes can be shaped by positive examples and first accomplishments in the entrepreneurial world.

Direct involvement in the programme in academic year 2013/2014:
500 pupils from 100 schools from Harjumaa, Läänemaa, Raplamaa and Järvamaa counties,Estonia.

Indirect target group:
Creative industries entrepreneurs – mentors  – 40
Creative industries support systems: incubators and regional development centres – Tallinn Creative Incubator, Tartu Creative Incubator, Viljandi Creative Incubator, LOOV EESTI, Enterprise Estonia.
Regional development centres in Harjumaa, Läänemaa, Raplamaa and Järvamaa counties.



ENTRUM’s methodology is based on the belief that entrepreneurial mindset and appropriative skills are best developed through practical activities and attractive content with the help of professional mentors and accomplished role models.

The programme will bring creative industries entrepreneurs, business support structures (incubators) representatives and pupils together to engage in practical learning-by-doing, based on real life situations and mentoring.



Firstly, the programme will be the combination of entertaining format and educating content inspires and encourages young people to go for their dreams. Secondly, the programme will provide a safe setting where social competences and practical skills are enhanced in the process of personal creative business project development. And thirdly, the programme will great networking environment as it acquaints young people with highly regarded national and international professionals and experts from creative industries.



Pilot activity will last for approximately 8 months during which 6 gripping one-day and one-night entrepreneurship sessions and 2 practical entrepreneurship seminars take place. Sessions take place in the region’s most modern and attractive venues to inspire young people. Every session is entitled so as to emphasize a specific entrepreneurial competence being developed, e.g. “Dare to dream and to initiate!”, „Teamwork leads to success!“, „I take responsibility!“, „Public speaking is cool!“ etc.

ENTRUM academic year ends with a competition “I am an entrepreneur!”, which selects the best business project of the season in the field of creative industries. All participants can register their project to the competition. The criteria for choosing the winners is the development of the entrepreneurial competences of the project team, the experience project team gained during implementation of the project and the impact the project had on the economic and social development of their local region.



According to the project proposal: June 2013 – January 2014
Actual dates could be: October 2012 – May 2013 or October 2013 – May 2014



  1. Evaluation of participants entrepreneurial competences at the beginning and at the end of programme;
  2. Mentors feedback and evaluation of projects development and implementation;
  3. Number and quality of creative business projects initiated and successfully implemented during the programme;
  4. Number of programme participants, who decided to participate in others national business contests and programmes, as well creative business incubators programmes (“Brainhunt” http://www.ajujaht.ee/english/, PESA http://pesa.looveesti.ee/ )



The unique combination of methodology based on learning-by-doing methods (learning by developing his/her own creative business project), attractive content (The X-Factor show format) and networking opportunities for young people. Direct contacts with Estonian and international creative industries “superstars”, including music managers, top fashion designers. The programme brings young people out of school, makes them inspired about being creative industries entrepreneur, gives real knowledge and experience, as well opens the doors to world of creative industries. Programme does not exists as separately standing ad hoc measure, but carefully planned and closely integrated to the Estonian business development system creating links to other national initiatives.



The detailed program description including content and methodology of sessions, educational tools and organising team structure are available to all who are interested upon request.