CENTRES activities Slovenia

“TRAINING for the entrepreneurial-hearted and the brave”



CEED Slovenia has developed an entrepreneurship programme, which contains a holistic learning process combining theory with real case experience, individual and group work. The programme consists of a combination of workshops, project work, mentorship and networking events through which the participants will gain the knowledge, skills as well as attitudes to become more entrepreneurial. The programme is focused on high-students of 16-17 of age.

CEED involved creative industry entrepreneurs in the development and implementation of the programme. The programme is 30h long, includes 5 modules and a networking event with mentors.

Pilot project is  taking place in three different type of high/schools:

  • Srednja šola za lesarstvo Škofja Loka – Secondary school of  Wood Science Škofja loka,
  • Srednja medijska in grafična šola Ljubljana – The Secondary School of Multimedia
    and Graphic Technology Ljubljana
  • Gimnazija Šentvid -  Grammer school Šentvid




  • To cultivate and appreciate entrepreneurship
  • To increase entrepreneurial skills among the young people in Slovenia
  • Connecting students and schools to entrepreneurs from creative industries thus providing practical business/entrepreneurship opportunities




  • Developing entrepreneurial training program for young people with the help of entrepreneurs.
    • A program that can be implemented by schools as a whole or as separate modules
  • Showcase how to involve and connect to creative industry entrepreneurs
  • Conduction of the pilot in 3 schools



Direct impact through program:

  • 3 pilot schools
  • High-school students: 60 pupils
  • Teachers and principals: 6 teachers
  • Entrepreneurs and creative industry entrepreneurs: 20
  • Networking events: 200 students, 20 teachers




Specifics of the training program:

  • Modular approach
  • non-formal education
  • students in the centre of the learning process
  • interactive lectures – sharing of entrepreneurial stories and experience of the entrepreneur on each topic of the module
  • experiential learning – working on projects
  • exercises for creativity


The program will be executed in schools in different ways:

  • part of the curriculum of an existing subject
  • part of practical work time as part of the curriculum
  • outside of the curriculum as part of optional subjects
  • modules are executed every week or every second week



The training program of 6 modules:

  1. Why am I an entrepreneur.(2h)
  2. My wishes. My dream. My inspirations. My vision. (6h)
  3. My idea. (6h)
  4. Is my idea an opportunity.(6h)
  5. Different routes to goal.(3h)
  6. My idea has friends.(3h)
  7. Day with mentors. (6h)

Students will be working on a idea throughout the program, for which they will get input and support from entrepreneurs.

(For more information – Program modules document)



The evaluation will include all participant groups (pupils, teachers and entrepreneurs-mentors).  We will prepare evaluation questions for each group.

Data and evidence will be collected using the following methods:

  • Modules monitoring – using the Project Diary tool to capture
  • Modules Observation – an observer observing a module for each school during the project delivery stage using the observation tool provided (minimum of an hour).
  • Evaluation Modules – after each module we will evaluate the modules with participants, teacher, and entrepreneur. At the end of the program we will also do a program evaluation, as an interactive evaluation session.




  • involving entrepreneurs from the field of creative industries in development of the program and its implementation
  • bringing creative industries and schools together in simple formats for future cooperation opportunities.