CEED mentoring entrepreneurs for enterprising students

On Saturday of March 9th, CEED hosted a meeting for three high schools for their students and entrepreneurs named ‘My first pitch’ as the conclusion to a basic course in entrepreneurship and creativity.

The course on creative industries is part of the Centres project is co-financed by the European committee. The British Council is the lead partner in the project, which is running simultaneously in eight countries.

In Slovenia, the course is called ‘Training for the brave’ and was developed by the CEED Slovenia entrepreneurs’ network; it is based on a tested model of CEED courses: empirical workshops (the participants learn from the experience of entrepreneurs, they receive feedback on their ideas), project work and group work, mentorship (by the entrepreneurs) and networking (connecting students, entrepreneurs and the business world).

At the workshops, the students gained valuable insight from the success stories and experience of entrepreneurs, learned about different entrepreneurial routes, developed their own creative thinking process and entrepreneurship, and found out about different ways and tools to generate ideas and see them come to life; they presented their ideas and received feedback, acquired communicational skills for a convincing performance and also learned that, in order for an idea to work, you need to build your own social capital and connect with others. The workshops were organised by Ksenja Perko from the TiPovej! institute, which has long-term experience in the informal education of youth for the realisation of ideas.

At the final meeting, of ‘My first pitch’, the meeting of students, teachers, principals of the three participating schools and entrepreneurs, the students presented their entrepreneurial ideas. The attending entrepreneurs had commented on these ideas and got to know the students, so they could further aid them as mentors in their future endeavours. The meeting also had two guest speakers to motivate and inspire the students: – Marin Medak, who had sailed the Atlantic by the age of 25 and DJ Urban Jeram, who won the European DJ contest last year and became the resident DJ at the biggest club on Ibiza.

The students and teachers agree that they gained new confidence from the course, as well as being given a realistic look into the world of entrepreneurship and the realisation of ideas, and as a result, they now firmly believe in their dreams, and understand that the basis of success is hard work, and that the road to success is paved with both victories and defeats from which we must learn.

The course ends on the 8 May with a meeting of teachers, principals and entrepreneurs to discuss how to find new ways to encourage entrepreneurship and creativity in young people and how to prepare them for the struggles of life, so that they will be more confident and successful in making their dreams come true.

CEED has joined the project because it believes in entrepreneurship as a strong, positive value that creates an open, creative and innovative society. On the other hand, it also believes in entrepreneurship as a skill of individuals, who have vision and are pro-active, the work ethic and the endurance that produces great results.

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