Twenty-one Danish teachers visit Fulham Enterprise Studio

Creative enterprise is an important issue in most European schools, and it brought twenty-one Danish teachers to London to visit the city’s best school in this field.

The visit was a result of the CENTRES project, in which the Danish Foundation of Entrepreneurship is a partner with the UK organization, A New Direction (A.N.D.).

It was an excellent opportunity for teachers to see how enterprise is being taught in other countries and to exchange views on educational issues with colleagues.

The party of teachers was introduced to the Studio concept by engaged British colleagues and had lots of good conversation with some of the pupils. In short, the studio schools work to “address the growing gap between the skills and knowledge that young people require to succeed, and those that the current education system provides”.

This is done by having small schools, many ‘hands-on’ activities, mentors for all students and close cooperation with local companies. The latter in particular caught the Danish visitors’ attention, and the project of Social Enterprise Qualification run by A.N.D. demonstrated the need for more focus on entrepreneurial teaching in both Danish and UK schools. You can read more about the SEQ project on the CENTRES web site here:

Danish teachers quite often visit schools in London for inspiration and new trends in the educational world, and this time they really saw something new. It was clear that the long-term cooperation between the two CENTRES partners lent a good quality to the visit and to the contact between the teachers from both countries, and further contact was discussed.