CENTRES – Findings and Futures

The CENTRES Project international conference “Findings and Futures” took place in Brussels on 15 May 2014, gathering an audience of around 80 policy makers, educators, teachers and entrepreneurs from all around Europe.

The CENTRES project presents its findings and recommendations at the final conference in Brussels.

This was the final conference concluding CENTRES (Creative Entrepreneurship in Schools) –  a multi-country project co-funded by the European Commission’ Lifelong Learning Programme, British Council and eight organisations across Europe. The event addressed a number of critical issues in education, including the following topics:

  • Invigorating the teaching of creative entrepreneurship at schools so as to equip young people with the skills to compete in the market place of future Europe
  • Implementing innovative ways of delivering creative entrepreneurship education effectively
  • Influencing relevant policies at national and European level
  • Engaging entrepreneurs and mentors in collaborative work with schools

One of the conference highlights was the launch of CENTRES Policy Recommendations – a document based on the outcomes of pilot activities which directly engaged over 3000 students, teachers and entrepreneurs in Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and the UK. Pilots were aimed at developing and testing innovative tools and methodologies relevant to creative and entrepreneurial skills. The CENTRES conference was hence meant as a platform to discuss the recommendations with international practitioners in the field and present them to the EU stakeholders.


Watch a video coverage from the conference:

Watch and listen to project participants and international experts discussing the topic here.

A comprehensive overview of the project activities and findings, including tools, methodologies and publications can be found on the CENTRES website: www.centres-eu.org