Interesting projects

CREAM EU Project, EDUCCKATE EU Project, @Diversity Project, CREATiViTY Project, ESTABLISH Project, KeyCoNet Project, TRANSIt Project and VOICES Project.

CREAM EU Project - Creative blended mentoring for cultural managers

The CREA.M project addresses the European Commission’s Developing Vocational Skills priority by considering the labour market’s needs – New Skills for New Jobs and the issues outlined in the Bruges Communiqué on enhanced European Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training for the period 2011-2020.
EDUCCKATE EU project – Education Cultural & Creative Knowledge Alliance for Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

The EDUCCKATE project is a 18 month initiative co-funded by the European Commission, under the Directorate-General for Education and Culture. The project aims to develop an innovative training and mentored internship scheme for the support of Higher Education Institutions and businesses, the cultivation of entrepreneurial mindset of students and graduates and the promotion of entrepreneurship.


@Diversity Project

The overall objective to which @Diversity will contribute is to test innovative approaches to deal with cultural content for innovation and digital sharing and distribution and – in doing so – to contribute to the exploration of new business models respecting cultural diversity.


CREATiViTY  Innovative Models of Production and Access

The project aims at analyzing emerging practices of creative production that are based on innovative, cooperative and participatory processes. Additionally, the project focuses on new entrepreneurial models that are fully adapted to the digital environment and partake in the area of creative industries.


ESTABLISH European Science and Technology in Action: Building Links with Industry, Schools and Home

The objective of ESTABLISH is the dissemination and use of an inquiry-based teaching method for science with second level students (age 12-18 years) on a large scale in Europe by creating authentic learning environments, involving all stakeholders to drive change in the classroom.


KeyCoNet: European Policy Network on Key Competences in School Education

Identify and analyse initiatives concerned with the implementation of key competences in primary and secondary education across Europe; Produce grounded evidence; produce recommendations for policy and practice regarding the enablers and obstacles to a holistic implementation of key competence development, addressing central/national, regional, local, institutional and European levels.


SoNetTe: Social Network in Teacher Education

To give open access to teacher education courses that are of special interests for (student) teachers in different countries, like subject didactics courses and pedagogical courses that reflect a very specific idea, debate or development in that area that cannot be fund in teacher education in general.


TRANSIt – TRANSversal key competences for lifelong learning: Training teachers in competence based education

The project aim is to have a positive impact on the development of students’  key competencies through building teachers capacity on competence oriented education.  The TRANSIt approach will contribute to the development of creativity, adaptation to the rapidly changing circumstances, intercultural and multilingual competences, social development, “learning to learn” competence and an improved perception of one’s own capacity to solve problems.


VOICES  – VOICE of European Teachers

The project aims is to implement European Teacher competences developed during the projects of Face-it and European key-competences for lifelong learning in the curricula of schools and teacher training institutes. The VOICES network builds on the developed in-service courses and a relationship with high motivated teachers of primary and secondary schools to become a member in the network.