A New Direction

A New Direction is a specialist agency working to ensure all young Londoners have equal access to the arts, developing enjoyment, understanding and employability in the creative sector. Our wide-ranging programmes operate across the creative and schools sectors to raise the aspirations, achievements and opportunities available to children and young people in London through access to the arts, culture and creative learning.

A New Direction is the area delivery organisation for Creative Partnerships working with 250 schools in 32 London boroughs.

We believe that all young people have the right to experience creativity, and to develop their own talents and passion for the arts. This not only builds individual happiness and personal fulfilment, but also enhances broader life skills and the capacity for self-determination. In this way, we equip young people for the future and help build a better society.

London is a global hub for the creative industries and the arts, offering extraordinary opportunities for young people. Such a wealth of opportunity can prove hard to navigate; our aim is for all young Londoners to have the chance to engage with the city’s culture. We believe young Londoners can fuel the creative sector, as the artists, creative workers and audiences of the future.

More about A New Direction: www.anewdirection.org.uk