Aalto SBC

The Small Business Center at the Aalto University School of Economics (Aalto SBC) specialises in developing entrepreneurship and business skills. Aalto SBC is primarily involved in training, research and development, with a strong emphasis on creative entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in the creative sectors.

Aalto SBC’s main target groups are entrepreneurs, students and teachers. Approximately 4000 people are involved in our training events annually. The Business Center also co-operates closely with government officials on policy recommendations. Aalto SBC’s offices are located in Helsinki, Mikkeli, St Petersburg and Tallinn. We have a staff of 60 specialists.

In the project, Aalto SBC contributes knowledge and best practice on how entrepreneurship skills in the creative and cultural sector are encouraged at school-level, and more broadly, in Finland. Aalto SBC’s special areas of interest are studies on the nature of entrepreneurship in creative industries and insights into new approaches to policymaking in this field.

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