CEED Slovenia

CEED Slovenia (registered as Zavod Mreža podjetništva) is part of CEED (Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development), an international network of entrepreneurial centres which operate in South-East Europe.


CEED Slovenia works with young entrepreneurs and provides the knowledge, experience and networks they need to expand their businesses.

CEED specialises in developing programmes that meet the needs of entrepreneurs. The programmes are uniquely practical, combining theory and practice and are led by successful entrepreneurs/experts with practical experience. A key component is the CEED mentorship programme, which matches young entrepreneurs with seasoned entrepreneurs who – through an individual mentorship process – help young entrepreneurs to deal with current business challenges and the development of new ideas.

CEED also supports entrepreneurs in international expansion, has an internet portal and organises local and international networking activities, which, through innovative approaches, enable participants to share best practice, meet potential partners and promote new ideas.

CEED also runs an entrepreneurship network that connects over 140 young and fast-growing entrepreneurs, as well as over 50 experienced and well-known Slovene entrepreneurs and managers who act as mentors.

More about CEED Slovenia: www.ceed-slovenia.org