The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Young Enterprise aims to promote young people’s competences within the field of independence, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The foundation operates as a knowledge and support centre for all educational levels. This happens through the development of teaching materials, planning of activities, camps, competitions for pupils and students and training for teachers. The Foundation is the only one of its kind in Denmark, and we cooperate with other networks on an international level through our Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise branch, which is the biggest provider of entrepreneurship education in Denmark. In 2009, JA-YE reached 3.1 million students in 38 countries.
FFE-YE is based in Odense, Denmark and employs 30 people.

FFE-YE has a vast network of schools in both Denmark and Europe and is in constant growth with both newcomers and experienced schools that want to work with entrepreneurship and innovation in the classroom. Through these networks, FFE-YE has access to highly skilled and experienced teachers who are very willing to share knowledge and best practice.




In addition FFE-YE:

•    Runs the NEIS Network (network of entrepreneurship in schools). 70 schools are in the network, which is open to new schools.
•    Arranges several conferences, meetings and competitions every year, reaching about 300 teachers directly.
•    Participates in two annual national schoolbook fairs (app. 5,000 visitors).
•    Our website is the biggest national portal for teaching entrepreneurship and innovation for pupils from the age of 6 to 20 and on to university level.
•    Has a partnership with the CFU regional resource centres, which arrange courses for teachers, serve as libraries and loan a large quantity of materials to schools (reaching all schools in Denmark (app. 1900)).

More about the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Young Enterprise: www.ffe-ye.dk