SA Entrum

The Entrum Foundation is the administrative body for the creation and implementation of the Entrum youth programme (Entrepreneurial Centre). The Entrum innovation programme was launched by Estonia’s biggest enterprise, Eesti Energia, to develop pupils’ entrepreneurial skills, as well as to teach young people in a practical and exciting way how to take initiatives and have a responsible attitude to life.

Entrum energises young people and teaches them the practical steps from idea to execution, and how to achieve goals and results. The programme is free and open to secondary school, high school and vocational school students aged 15–17 who speak Estonian or Russian.

The Entrum programme began in Estonia’s economically most complicated region, Ida-Virumaa (the North-East of Estonia) near the Estonia-Russia national boarder. Today, the Entrum programme is Estonia’s leading programme in the field of student and youth entrepreneurship and includes entrepreneurship ‘labs’ for developing young people’s skills in six different fields: new technologies, creative industries, music industries, media and audio-visual industries, services and production, and eco-business.

More than 200 different organisations are involved in the Entrum network, including secondary and vocational training centres, universities, centres for vocational guidance and counselling, chambers of craft, entrepreneur counselling services, trade and trainees associations, other youth programmes, international, large and small enterprises. The Estonian public, business and cultural opinion leaders are also involved in the network to inspire young people. More than 70 mentors (representatives of enterprises and entrepreneur counselling services) support the participants in practical ways and help them to start their own projects.

The Entrum programme consists of entrepreneurial sessions, visits to enterprises, individual work with mentors developing their own projects, and a young entrepreneur project competition. Altogether, more than 600 young people are participating in the Enturm program and more than 80 projects are being developed by pupils.
Today, Entrum is more than just a youth programme; it is an influential player that brings together different stakeholders and provides a common platform for all of them to act in the field of entrepreneurship education, as well actively participate in national policy making. Famous Estonian and foreign entrepreneurs are participating in the programme to share with young people their own success stories and inspire them to become entrepreneurs. The guests include Sten Tamkivi, Skype CEO Estonia; Helen Sildna, creator and CEO of TallinnMusicWeek; Kristo Tohver, CEO of PÖFF,international film festival; Ragnar Sass, CEO of Garage 48; William Piper, CEO of Steeltree Corporation, an investment bank in the U.S..

Having stable funding and support from Estonia government institutions, the Entrum Foundation is very rapidly expanding its activities throughout Estonia and is interested in sharing its experience internationally.

The main partners involved in planning and implementing the Entrum programme are the Chamber of Commerce of Estonia, Entreprise Estonia, Foundation Creative Estonia, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.


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